Outdoor Climbing Reservation (2024)

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Outdoor Climbing Reservation (1)

May 17, 2024

Outdoor Climbing Reservation

Northshore Y - Outdoor Leadership•11811 NE 195th St Bothell,WA98011 Organized by YMCA of Greater Seattle Save up to $10 on this event with ACTIVE Advantage! You save up to $10 on this event

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About this event


YMCA members, ages five years and older, are encouraged to climb at one of our outdoor towers! All safety gear, including helmets, is provided. Y climbing staff will be present for the duration of the 60-minute reservation. Children younger than 14 years must be accompanied on the property by an adult who is on the same membership and lives in the same household. All climbing participants need a reservation.


All Ages


Northshore Y -- Northshore Y SummitatNorthshore Y - Outdoor Leadership


Add-on - Auburn - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Auburn - Individual
or Add-on - Bellevue - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Bellevue - Individual
or Add-on - Coal Creek - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Coal Creek - Individual
or Add-on - Dale Turner - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Dale Turner - Individual
or Add-on - Downtown - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Downtown - Individual
or Add-on - Kent - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Kent - Individual
or Add-on - Matt Griffin - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Matt Griffin - Individual
or Add-on - Meredith Mathews - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Meredith Mathews - Individual
or Add-on - Northshore - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Northshore - Individual
or Add-on - Sammamish - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Sammamish - Individual
or Add-on - Snoqualmie - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - Snoqualmie - Individual
or Add-on - University - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - University - Individual
or Add-on - West Seattle - Dependent Adult
or Add-on - West Seattle - Individual
or Adult - Auburn
or Adult - Bellevue
or Adult - Coal Creek
or Adult - Dale Turner
or Adult - Downtown
or Adult - Kent
or Adult - Matt Griffin
or Adult - Meredith Mathews
or Adult - Northshore
or Adult - Sammamish
or Adult - Snoqualmie
or Adult - University
or Adult - West Seattle
or Local Adult - Snoqualmie
or Couple - Auburn
or Couple - Bellevue
or Couple - Coal Creek
or Couple - Dale Turner
or Couple - Downtown
or Couple - Kent
or Couple - Matt Griffin
or Couple - Meredith Mathews
or Couple - Northshore
or Couple - Sammamish
or Couple - Snoqualmie
or Couple - University
or Couple - West Seattle
or Local Couple - Snoqualmie
or Family 1 - Auburn
or Family 1 - Bellevue
or Family 1 - Coal Creek
or Family 1 - Dale Turner
or Family 1 - Downtown
or Family 1 - Kent
or Family 1 - Matt Griffin
or Family 1 - Meredith Mathews
or Family 1 - Northshore
or Family 1 - Sammamish
or Family 1 - Snoqualmie
or Family 1 - University
or Family 1 - West Seattle
or Local Family 1 - Snoqualmie
or Family 2 - Auburn
or Family 2 - Bellevue
or Family 2 - Coal Creek
or Family 2 - Dale Turner
or Family 2 - Downtown
or Family 2 - Kent
or Family 2 - Matt Griffin
or Family 2 - Meredith Mathews
or Family 2 - Northshore
or Family 2 - Sammamish
or Family 2 - Snoqualmie
or Family 2 - University
or Family 2 - West Seattle
or Local Family 2 - Snoqualmie
or FitOn - Auburn
or FitOn - Bellevue
or FitOn - Coal Creek
or FitOn - Dale Turner
or FitOn - Downtown
or FitOn - Kent
or FitOn - Matt Griffin
or FitOn - Meredith Mathews
or FitOn - Northshore
or FitOn - Sammamish
or FitOn - Snoqualmie
or FitOn - University
or FitOn - West Seattle
or Renew Active - Auburn
or Renew Active - Bellevue
or Renew Active - Coal Creek
or Renew Active - Dale Turner
or Renew Active - Downtown
or Renew Active - Kent
or Renew Active - Matt Griffin
or Renew Active - Meredith Mathews
or Renew Active - Northshore
or Renew Active - Sammamish
or Renew Active - Snoqualmie
or Renew Active - University
or Renew Active - West Seattle
or Silver&Fit - Auburn
or Silver&Fit - Bellevue
or Silver&Fit - Coal Creek
or Silver&Fit - Dale Turner
or Silver&Fit - Downtown
or Silver&Fit - Kent
or Silver&Fit - Matt Griffin
or Silver&Fit - Meredith Mathews
or Silver&Fit - Northshore
or Silver&Fit - Sammamish
or Silver&Fit - Snoqualmie
or Silver&Fit - University
or Silver&Fit - West Seattle
or Local Senior - Snoqualmie
or Senior - Auburn
or Senior - Bellevue
or Senior - Coal Creek
or Senior - Dale Turner
or Senior - Downtown
or Senior - Kent
or Senior - Matt Griffin
or Senior - Meredith Mathews
or Senior - Northshore
or Senior - Sammamish
or Senior - Snoqualmie
or Senior - University
or Senior - West Seattle
or DNU - Local Teen/Young Adult - Snoqualmie
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Auburn
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Bellevue
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Coal Creek
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Dale Turner
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Downtown
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Kent
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Matt Griffin
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Meredith Mathews
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Northshore
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Sammamish
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - Snoqualmie
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - University
or DNU - Teen/Young Adult - West Seattle
or Local Youth - Snoqualmie
or Youth - Auburn
or Youth - Bellevue
or Youth - Coal Creek
or Youth - Dale Turner
or Youth - Downtown
or Youth - Kent
or Youth - Matt Griffin
or Youth - Meredith Mathews
or Youth - Northshore
or Youth - Sammamish
or Youth - Snoqualmie
or Youth - University
or Youth - West Seattle


May 17, 2024

5:15 PM to 6:15 PM


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Age and Gender

Ages 5-99 · Co-Ed


Northshore Y - Outdoor Leadership

11811 NE 195th St Bothell,WA 98011

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  • Martial Arts
  • Kickboxing


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Outdoor Climbing Reservation (2024)


How many V17s are there? ›

There are only 6 V17/9A that have been established worldwide: 'Burden of Dreams', Lappnor, Finland, FA: Nalle Hukkataival. 'Alphane', Chronico, Switzerland, FA: Shawn Raboutou. 'Megatron', Eldorado Canyon, USA, FA: Shawn Raboutou.

What grade was Alex Honnold's free solo? ›

Honnold rose to worldwide fame in June 2017 when he became the first person to free solo a route on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park (via the 2,900-foot route Freerider at 5.13a, the first-ever at that grade), a climb described in The New York Times as "one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever".

What is sandbagging in climbing? ›

Sandbagged. (adjective) A sandbagged route is one whose grade belies its difficulty; an undergraded route. Derived from the idea that climbing the route would feel as if you were climbing with a bag of sand attached to your harness — i.e., the climb is much harder than it seems.

Does Alex Honnold still climb? ›

That's not to say he doesn't engage with that aspect of the sport any longer, he has merely revised his list of goals. His wife, Sanni McCandless gave birth to their first daughter, June, in 2022. As his family has grown, so too have his values. These days, Honnold has taken a more cautious approach to climbing.

Is Adam Ondra the best climber? ›

Ondra is often referred to as the world's strongest climber.

What is the hardest free solo ever done? ›

Panem et Circenses

This 15-metre free solo is among the most challenging ever accomplished, ranking alongside other notable solos like Alex Huber's ascent of “Kommunist” and Dave MacLeod's climb of “Darwin's Dixit.” Alfredo not only free soloed the hardest grade to date, he was the oldest man to do so.

What is highballing in climbing? ›

A highball boulder is a boulder problem that is anywhere between 15ft - 55ft. To give you a sense of scale the average bouldering wall is 10-15ft, which means the larger highballs can be 5x as big as your usual climb at the gym.

What does sketchy mean in climbing? ›

Definition of sketchy

Describing a situation or location that is potentially dangerous, unstable, or uncertain, often used in the context of hiking or climbing.

What does "polished" mean in climbing? ›

Polished nonsense means pulling really hard, and keeping the feet neat. I know which I prefer. All your comment says is that you like climbing on a more grippy rock. To make a more polished rock like basalt and limestone more like gabbro and gritstone by use of a file is the same as bolting a better hold on.

Are Alex and Sanni still together? ›

Alex Honnold is continuing his reign as a girl dad. The Free Solo climber, 38, and wife Sanni McCandless have welcomed their second baby together, another daughter, a rep for the couple confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. Daughter Alice Summer Honnold was born on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 9:25 p.m., weighing 6 lbs., 6 oz.

Why is Alex Honnold not scared? ›

has such a well-honed regulatory system that he can say, 'OK, I'm feeling all this stuff, my amygdala is going off,' but his frontal cortex is just so powerful that it can calm him down.” Medically, it would seem, Honnold does not experience fear. At least not in the way that you or I would.

Has anyone else tried to free solo El Capitan? ›

Before Alex Honnold free-soloed Freerider on El Capitan, the late Dean Potter, who pushed limits in Yosemite, had planned on attempting it.

Where are the V17 boulders located? ›

Hardest BouldersBack to contents
GradeRouteGear style
North America United States Nevada Red Rock Black Velvet Canyon Main Boulders
V17Return of the Sleepwalker FA: Daniel Woods, 30 Mar 2021Boulder
North America United States Colorado Boulder Eldorado Canyon State Park
136 more rows

What was the first V17? ›

Italian Climber Sends the World's First V17: Burden of Dreams - Climbing.

What is the hardest female boulder? ›

The hardest boulder solved was at the boulder grade of V17 (9A) for men and V15/V16 (8C/8C+) for women. The hardest multi-pitch (or big wall) redpoint was at the grade of 9a (5.14d).

Has anyone repeated the return of the sleepwalker? ›

Wil Bosi has repeated Return of the Sleepwalker 9A (Read 43555 times)

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