Mass Effect: Crucible - Stellaris mod (2024)

Mass Effect: Crucible


Mass Effect: Crucible is a Semi-Conversion mod that brings Stellaris into the Mass Effect universe. Unlike other overhaul/total conversion mods which seek to completely change Stellaris to fit within a certain universe, ME: Crucible selectively changes just enough to make Stellaris feel like Mass Effect. In practical terms, this allows excellent compatibility with many other game changing mods! (see compatibility section below for details)

This is an early first release of ME: Crucible. This means it is not complete, and most likely buggy, but it is at a level that I feel comfortable releasing it. Most of the base features are in, but many, such as all the ships sets, events, resources etc, are not included in this first release or are still work in progress. Future updates will be added in such a way that they are unlikely to break your save games (though this cannot be guaranteed).

*Please note: The in-game screenshots have the Real Space mod active (where indicated) to provide better visuals

Main Features

  • A custom lore-accurate map of the Mass Effect galaxy with over 200+ canon systems and a further 1200+ randomly generated systems
  • A lore-accurate Mass Relay network
  • Mass Effect galactic features, like the Citadel, Omega (WIP), Collector Base, and Cronos station
  • 15* playable empires with custom portraits
  • 4 Mercenary organisations (based off marauders) – Blood Pack, Blue Suns, Cat6 and Eclipse
  • Shipsets for the Systems Alliance, Geth Consensus and Collectors (WIP). Asari shipset included from MEC: Asari mod (requirement)
  • Quarian Migrant Fleet which will travel the galaxy – unique diplomatic actions, trades and events
  • New mass Effect events and dig sites, such as the discovery of the Prothean ruins on Mars, first discovery of the Citadel, purchase of Noveria Peak Facilities, recovery of Asari writings, and others
  • New resources – Element Zero and Helium-3 (Biotics is added by MEC: Asari mod)
  • New relics
  • Mass Effect music tracks
  • A few new technologies

*Asari Republics and Asari Corporate Interests are added by MEC: Asari mod

Planned Features

  • More shipsets
  • Overhaul of Galactic Community to bring it in line with Mass Effect
  • Uses for new resources
  • More technologies
  • Have Mass Effect Corporations included in some form
  • End-game Reaper crisis following the events of ME1 all the way to the ending of ME3
  • Many more new events

Future updates will not follow any particular order and will be released in small updates (for the most part) when they are complete, instead of a few large updates occurring very infrequently.

Mod Requirements

It is EXTREMELY important that you have subscribed – and have active – both the MEC: Asari and MEC: Mass Relays mods, or this mod will not function as intended

DLC Requirements

It is VITAL that you have all the required DLC’s

Owning the Megacorp DLC is no longer required for the Vol Protectorate and Asari Corporate Interests (Non megacorp versions added for those who don’t own the DLC)


ME: Crucible was made with compatibility in mind, as such many mods will work with it. This will allow you, in part, to tailor your experience as you see fit.

Many galaxy generation mods like Real Space are fully compatible due to ME: Crucible’s semi-random galaxy generation.

UI mods like Dynamic UI are partly compatible*

Any mods that add prescripted playable empires will NOT work.

The compatible mods discussion (see below) will be updated as mods are tested.

Load Order – Important!

The required mods can be loaded in any order as they ‘should’ automatically be overridden by the correct files in ME: Crucible. The safer option is to manually put them on top of ME: Crucible in the load order.

All other mods should be put ABOVE of ME: Crucible in the load order. This will ensure none of this mod’s files are not overwritten.

*The only changes to the UI made by ME: Crucible are in the main menus, as such, most UI mods should be compatible. Again, load all UI mods ABOVE this mod!


  • Thanks to joshua.yathin.yu for allowing me to use their Mass Effect portraits and flags from their
  • Thanks to nach77 for some of the ship models
  • Thanks to mnidjm for allowing me to use their
  • Thanks to BioWare and Electronic Arts for some of the ship and station models

Mass Effect and all its assets belong to Electronic Arts and BioWare. This is entirely a community-driven, non-profit project. No copyright infringement is intended.

Mass Effect: Crucible  - Stellaris mod (2024)
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