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MEC: Asari is a Stellaris mod that adds the Asari species from Bioware's Mass Effect franchise into the game! They come with a custom shipset, several portraits (and a lot of clothes), pregenerated empires, origins, civics, traits, events and more!

Pregenerated Empires:

  • The Asari Republics:The iconic Asari government. Based on the eezo-rich planet of Thessia, the apex of democracy and the beating heart of galactic love, the Asari Republics seek to dominate the galactic culture and diplomacy, but they are not afraid to wave giant dreadnoughts around if that is what it takes to keep the peace. Also comes with the Athena Nebula system initialiser, containing five lore-correct(ish) systems, and a homeworld full of unique planetary features!
  • The Asari Corporate Interests (Megacorp DLC):Influential individuals and powerful corporations operating out of the asari colony of Illium, the entrepot between civilised galaxy and untapped resources of the lawless Terminus Systems. The entities that control it make up for in wealth and connections what they lack in morals, having created a decadent yet orderly capitalist paradise. Comes with the Crescent Nebula system initialiser that contains four lore-correct(ish) systems, and a homeworld full of unique planetary features!
  • Features AI support!When played by AI, the two prescripted factions have their own behaviour and diplomatic lines!
  • They will not spawn as AI empires by default, but you can change that by enabling these optional modules:
    >Spawn Asari Republics
    >Spawn Asari Corporate Interests
    > Or, if you are playing one of them, you will get the option to spawn the other at the start of the game!


  • Thessian Statecraft:

    Civic; requires some degree of Xenophile and Egalitarian

    The society of Thessia thrives on being connected, both within their all-inclusive e-democracy and through cultural exchanges with foreign powers. The Asari culture has a way of influencing all it touches.
    > Gain the ability to establish Thessian Republics on owned colonies, which provide jobs and ethics attraction based on the ideals of their people.
  • Illium à la Mode (Megacorp DLC):

    Civic; requires some degree of Xenophile and Materialist

    A beacon of glitzy, glamorous radiance so blinding that the inequity, exploitation and greed that fuel the machine almost go unnoticed. Illium prides itself on being the legal market that drives the black market out of business by providing almost anything one can imagine as long as one doesn't mind a bit of invasive bureaucracy.
    > Gain additional influence income scaling with your empire's Trade Value. Spend excess influence to establish Partnerships with industries on foreign planets.


  • Amaranthine:

    Inherent Trait

    The Asari are a monogendered species that reproduces parthenogenetically. A partner is required, but no fertilisation takes place. Instead, their genetic map is used to randomise the genetic makeup of the offspring who otherwise would be a clone of her mother.
    Naturally occurring cellular regeneration also grants the Asari extraordinary longevity, but brings with it many biochemical, psychological and social changes over the course of their long lives.
    > This trait is inherent and exclusive to the Asari species. It cannot be added or removed manually and will be retained through Genetic Modification and Xenocompatibility hybrids.
    > It dramatically extends leader lifespan, but also significantly increases recruitment and upkeep cost. Note that the starting age of leaders will also be much higher, most will spawn between 250 and 750 years old!
    > For pops, it imposes a large baseline growth penalty, but allows to occasionally take over growing pops of alien species living on the same planet. Lack of genetic diversity can rarely lead to Ardat-Yakshi overpopulation.
  • Sophisticated Needs:

    Negative Trait

    Whether a byproduct of their culture or long lifespans, or a combination of both, Asari seem to just demand more out of their intellectual stimulation. It may be the one quality that less "sophisticated" species don't find particularly endearing about them.
    > Pops with this trait requite more Amenities.
  • Natural Biotics:

    Positive Trait

    All asari possess genetic capacity for Biotics. While not all choose to hone their abilities, those who do can be great strategic assets, especially in large numbers. Biotic talent is mandatory for military service.
    > Pops with this trait produce a special resource called "Biotics" which can be spent to activate special Edicts.

A huge assortment of customisation options! You should never see two identical pops on a planet or two identical leaders in your empire!

  • 40+ portrait variations:Based on Liara, PeeBee, Morinth and more!
  • 90+ outfits and counting!Each type of leader draws from its own pool of vocation-appropriate outfits, and even pops change clothes based on their jobs! Uniforms for soldiers, cute maid outfits for servants!

Custom ships and city graphics!

Download mod «Mass Effect Civilizations - Asari? (2024)
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