Does Publix Have Sephora Gift Cards (2024)

1. Retail Gift Cards FAQs | Publix Super Markets

  • Did you know you can buy gift cards to over 70 retailers at your neighborhood Publix Super Market? Frequently asked questions on retail gift cards.

2. Gift Cards | Publix Super Markets

  • You can never go wrong with a gift card from Publix! Get free shipping when you buy any Publix gift card online, plus discounts on bulk orders.

3. Category: Publix - The Gift Card Network

  • We visit local and nationwide businesses and retailers and take notes on how they are presenting their gift cards to the public and then we post them for your ...

  • ABOUT GCN’s Comp Shop Study is a reference guide to physical and digital gift card trends over the years. We visit local and nationwide businesses and retailers and take notes on how they are...

Category: Publix - The Gift Card Network

4. Publix Gift Cards - Physical & eGift

5. Publix Gift Cards - General Policies FAQs

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  • Give the gift that says you're the best. How to purchase, card denominations and other frequently asked questions about Publix gift cards.

6. 93 Gift Cards Sold at Publix - First Quarter Finance

  • Apr 2, 2024 · You can buy a variety of third-party gift cards (including restaurants, gaming, apparel, etc.) at Publix in addition to its store gift cards.

  • See the list of third-party gift cards Publix sells, including restaurants, retail, and gas cards -- plus, which brands you won't find.

93 Gift Cards Sold at Publix - First Quarter Finance

7. Publix Gift Cards - Online Purchases FAQs

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  • Frequently asked questions on purchasing Publix gift cards online, including order canceling and card delivery.

8. Text or Email a Publix eGift card - GiftYa

  • GiftYa is like a gift card, only much better. Text a Publix egift ... Sephora · Target · DoorDash · Chipotle · Visa · Home Depot ... Get a plastic Visa gift card in ...

  • GiftYa is like a gift card, only much better. Text a Publix egift with GiftYa and the recipient can use it like an egift code, can link it to their Visa or Mastercard, or they can swap it for another merchant they choose.

Text or Email a Publix eGift card - GiftYa

9. Publix Gift Card Balance - Swagbucks

  • You can use your gift card at any Publix store as you would any other payment method. Simply present the gift card at checkout or, if you are using the app ...

  • Publix Super Markets is the United States’ largest employee-owned grocery chain. Over 200,000 people work for this well-known supermarket chain. Publix is popular for its hoagie (subway style) sandwiches and bakery items, and for sale prices that beat Walmart. Especially popular in Florida, there are over 800 Publix stores located...

Publix Gift Card Balance - Swagbucks

10. Kroger: Over 200 Gift Cards for any occasion! | Kroger

  • A Gift Card for every occasion. Over 200 gift cards from your favourite retailers. Find great deals and promotions for all of your gift card needs.

Does Publix Have Sephora Gift Cards (2024)


Are Sephora gift cards sold at grocery stores? ›

Best of all, you can treat yourself. Buy a Sephora gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores and you'll earn additional fuel points, giving you big savings at the pump.

Does Publix have gift cards in store? ›

A Publix gift card says you're the best! Visit the Publix Gift Cards page for more information. Physical gift cards: Publix gift cards can be found near the checkout lanes or in the greeting card section at any of our stores.

Can you buy Sephora gift cards anywhere? ›

Sephora Gift Cards can be purchased at participating store locations, online at in the US, on the US Sephora app, through Sephora's toll-free customer service telephone number (1-877-SEPHORA), and from authorized retailers.

Is the 750 Sephora gift card legit? ›

Don't do it. It's a way to get your information for telemarketing. Just a quick PSA. because there's a lot of people in the comments. to say it works is they're just trying to get your info.

Can I get a Sephora gift card at Walmart? ›

About Sephora And Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora gift cards serve as a convenient alternative payment method for shopping at any Sephora location or online store. These prepaid cards can be purchased directly from Sephora stores or other major retailers like Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and more.

Can I pick up Sephora gift in store? ›

Rewards items will not be eligible for redemption for Buy Online, Pick Up In Store orders. However, Rewards and Birthday Gifts are redeemable in store based upon availability.

How often does Publix give gift cards? ›

They try to give incentives and they try to care about their employees. It's pretty flexible and lenient. If you have to leave mid shift because of an emergency, then they will let you.

Can you get $10 cash back at Publix? ›

Each Publix location varies on how much cash back a customer may get. Most stores you can get up to $100 back. However, there are some where you can only get $50 back. Publix only gives $50 as cash back when you purchase your goods using a debit card.

Can I use my Publix gift card at the pharmacy? ›

Gift cards stored in your Club Publix account can be used for in-store purchases when you pay with the Publix app at Publix Super Markets, Publix Liquors, or Publix Pharmacies. They can also be used for in-store pickup orders placed online.

Can I buy a Sephora gift card at Kohl's? ›

Sephora Gift Cards can be purchased at Sephora at Kohl's locations for any amount from $10 - $250. Sephora Gift Cards are redeemable inside Sephora at Kohl's, not at all Kohl's registers. Sephora Gift cards are not redeemable on

How many Sephora gift cards are there? ›

You can use up to two Gift Cards and/or eGift Cards per online order. Up to ten Gift Cards and/or eGift Cards per online order can be used by contacting Customer Service at 1-877-SEPHORA. Any unused balance will remain on the card and can be used toward a future purchase.

How long does a Sephora gift card take? ›

Unless a future delivery date is scheduled, on average, Sephora eGift Cards will be delivered within 24 business hours from the time of purchase.

Can gift card be bought in grocery store? ›

Gift cards are universal. They can purchase nearly anything your heart desires and can be used at many stores, restaurants, and venues throughout the country. Sold in numerous denominations, gift cards can be purchased at many drug, grocery, retail, warehouse, and convenience stores.

Are Sephora gift cards sold at Kohl's? ›

Everyone Loves a Gift Card

They can be purchased and redeemed at Sephora at Kohl's stores too!

Can I use my JCPenney gift card at Sephora in store? ›

Can I Use JCPenney Gift Cards at Sephora Inside JCPenney Stores? You can use Sephora inside JCPenney and Sephora gift cards at Sephora inside JCPenney stores. You cannot use JCPenney gift cards at Sephora inside JCPenney.

Can you order a gift card from a store? ›

Buying your desired gift card from the designated store/ brand is one of the safest and easiest ways to get your hand on the gift card. You can either buy them Online or in Person. Head to the gift card website, for example;, or, and search for gift cards.

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